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DeepL for Salesforce.

Break down language barriers and simplify communication.
With automatic translation in Salesforce.

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DeepL for Salesforce.
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Translate text in Salesforce. Without manual effort.

Translate a wide range of texts, such as emails, product descriptions or defined text fields, directly in your Salesforce CRM. Fully automated, with maximum accuracy and without lifting a finger. With DeepL for Salesforce, this is the new standard.



Use automated translations in Salesforce to speed up processes, reduce manual effort, overcome language barriers quickly and easily, and perfect your communications. Directly in Salesforce.



Avoid manual correction loops by defining rules to ensure that your most important, company-specific terms and phrases are always translated correctly.



Define "untranslatable" terms, such as brand names or proper nouns, that should not be translated into another language.

Use cases

Simplify your communications. In all areas.

Marketing & Product Management

Marketing & Product Management

Automatically translate product information or descriptive text to speed up authoring processes and ensure consistent communication.

Sales & Customer Support

Sales & Customer Support

Have incoming emails translated directly into your language to help customers in other markets faster and provide the best possible support.

Quality management & logistics

Quality management & logistics

Simplify communication between your department and your many foreign suppliers. In their own language.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Use built-in translation to ensure that your internal communications, including proper names and technical terms, remain consistent within Salesforce CRM.

About DeepL

The world's most accurate translation


Advanced AI technology

The ground-breaking AI technology from DeepL ensures above-average translation quality.


Nuanced translation

Thanks to AI, the translator is able to recognise even the finest nuances in the language and reproduce them in another language.


Industry specific jargon

The latest models can also translate industry-specific jargon for better understanding.

Your benefits

Benefit from built-in translation in Salesforce.


Faster processes for increased productivity

Automatically translate all the data in your Salesforce CRM and save time. With just one configuration and no manual effort.


Standardised data in CRM

With DeepL for Salesforce - powered by cloudworx, you can maintain consistency in the naming of your data. For example, you can ensure that country names in a field are always automatically translated into English.


Standardised communication

Always have company-specific terms translated correctly, or not at all if necessary, so that you communicate consistently and there are no misunderstandings.


All you need to know.

  • 100 free translations with the app

  • Easy to book additional contingents

  • API key from DeepL required (note additional costs!)

  • Flexible monthly cancellation

  • App available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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